Western European Projects

About 100 projects have been carried out by SAR Consult. Here are a few examples:

Restoration of a Section on the Ulf Stream (Belgium)

This restoration project involved reinstating meanders in a section of river to improve the habitat for fish, which are an important source of food for otters (European Life project).

Environmental River Work for the Ampsin Lock on the Meuse (Belgium)

SAR Consult provided environmental expertise linked to the new lock structure for 4500 ton barges developed by the experts from Greisch and Tractebel Engineering (with IMDC). The designed fish pass includes spawning areas and river bank restoration.


New meanders for Tretterbaach (Luxemburg)

Two restoration projects were lead by SAR Consult on Tretterbaach river, located in Northern Luxemburg.The purposes of the projects were to restore natural meanders and to erase an obstacle to fish migration. The projects were conducted from design to work supervision.

Project 1

Conference (FR)

Project 2

Flood Management on River Houille

In the scope of P2IH Project (France-Belgium), SAR Consult provided environmental expertise for the impact assessment study of new anti-flooding structures developed by the IMDC hydraulics experts.


Bushy willows as fish habitat (Belgium)

In the scope of several river restoration projects river banks were planted with willows. They were selected among different Walloon ecotypes on the basis of features which make them good refuge habitats for fish.



River quality assessment and improvement design (Belgium)

A river quality assessment was achieved along its fourteen kilometers. This allowed to highlight hydromorphological issues or imbalances. Then suitable improvement projects were designed.



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Impact assessement of works in wetlands

Legislation requires an appropriate environmental impact study when works are close to Natura 2000 areas. SAR lead an impact study related to a road to be built across a wetland. Restoration of a small river supplying wetlands was proposed as mitigation measure.

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Ponds designed to maximize associated biodiversity

The pond design is important and has to make it as attractive for fauna and flora as possible. SAR Consult takes charge of the field analysis, project design, technical documentation development and works supervision.

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Hydromorphological quality improvement of a river which houses European eel (Belgium)

The project aims to reestablish fish free migration and to improve its hydromorphological quality. The European eel is a critically endangered species. The project focuses on its habitat needs.




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River Bresle restoration and reestablishment of free mobility for fish (France)

The project aims to reestablish fish and sediments free-mobility and to restore ecological continuity on river Bresle. Another purpose was to improve hydromorphology and habitats. The engineering study was undertaken up to the project stage. Upon which, SAR Consult monitored from close-up the river works and the habitat design.


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Impact study and 2D hydraulic modeling (Belgium)

Backfilling works in watercourse floodplains modify river hydraulics. A hydraulic 2D modeling allows to simulate river flooding behaviour and to consider the lateral flow directions. It helps to evaluate works impacts.


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Assessment of ecological costs and benefits

Ecological stakes assessment is a premliminary step to every large- of small-scale restoration project. SAR Consult carry out these hydromorphological and biological studies. Ecological added-value of a project is also studied.